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Enjoy Your Local Library Visit to the Fullest

Libraries offer much more than just rows of books. There are so many wonderful reasons why a trip to the library can be memorable each time for you and your little ones. It’ll be their new favourite place!

Discover Hidden Gems

The library houses so many great books, it’s impossible not to find something that excites your young readers. Don’t limit yourself to familiar genres. Wander through the aisles of historical fiction, delve into biographies, or give science fiction a chance. Your children may just surprise you as to what catches their interest.

Talk to Librarians

Librarians offer a wealth of knowledge when it comes to finding your next read. Once they get to know you and your interests, they can offer recommendations that you otherwise may have never come across.

Check the Display Stands

This is one of my favourite things to do at the library, especially since the display stands are changed frequently. Libraries often showcase themed collections, new arrivals, or award-winning titles. Next time you step foot into your local library, be sure to stop by the display stand.

Attend Events

Local libraries often have lots of fun events lined up for the year, especially during the school holidays. Look out for author signings, literary discussions, story time sessions, workshops, and other events hosted by the library. The best way to stay in the loop is to sign up to their mailing list and follow their social media pages.

Support Your Local Authors

Did you know that you can request for books to be stocked at your local library? You can speak to a librarian about the process or hop on their website and there should be a section to request books. What better way to support a local author than to request for their titles to be stocked in the library? This will make their books more accessible to the general public and helps to get their name out. If you’d like to request any of my books, I’d be forever grateful. You can find my titles by clicking here.

Make Your Next Library Visit Memorable

Hopefully this blog encourages you to venture into your local library with your young ones. Perhaps even explore libraries in other areas. It’s always great fun seeing different layouts and displays as well as getting to know librarians across different locations. And one more little note – your young ones aren’t expected to remain quiet, so that’s one less thing to be anxious about. In fact, libraries encourage children to be there and they are very understanding with knowing children love to explore and vocally express their excitement.


Q: What are the best ways to find new books at the library?

A: Browse staff picks, join a library-run book club, or ask for a reading suggestion based on your favourite books.

Q: How can I access library resources from home?

A: Many libraries offer online catalogues and digital resources. Simply use your library card to log in via their website.

Q: Are there any free workshops or classes at the library?

A: Yes, libraries typically offer a range of free or affordable educational opportunities, especially during the school holidays. To stay informed, follow your library’s social media pages for any upcoming events.

Q: How can I volunteer or get involved with my local library?

A: Speak to library staff about volunteer opportunities, or check the library’s website for information.

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