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My Debut YA Novel is Coming This August!

It’s finally happening … This has been in the works since February last year. After countless revisions and edits, my debut Young Adult novel, Pieces of You, is almost ready to be released. So, what can you expect?

It’s a Love Story, But Not

Yep, that’s right. The story has a central theme around true love but not in the way you’re probably think. Rather, it explores the value of true friendship and celebrates platonic love.

If you’re interested in a love story with spicy scenes, this probably isn’t the book for you. This isn’t a trope that you’d normally come across in YA novels, but I wanted to write a story that shows romantic love isn’t paramount when you’re in high school. It may be for some, but not for everyone. But even if you’ve been in love as a teenager, this story will still pull on your heartstrings.

Feel-Good Moments

There are heartwarming moments scattered throughout the entire novel. In between the heartaches and deep pain, there are scenes that will make your heart glow. It might even make you smile. You might shed a tear, but I promise the final chapter is an ending with closure, in a good way.

It’s Set in Australia

If you went to school in Australia, then you may find many aspects of this story relatable. The story is written in Australian English, so you’ll see words like Maths instead of Math, and dialogue to reflect the Australian culture. Also, Australia is made up of so many different backgrounds, which leads into my next point …

The Main Characters Are POC

Wynter Hope (the MFC) is a mix of Filipino and Korean, and Lucas Mensah (the MMC) is a mix of Italian and Ghanaian.

The Blurb

Fitting into the high school scene isn’t easy for Wynter. Hiding away from the spotlight, she finds comfort in the rustling pages of a good book. Come home time, her trusted keyboard breathes music into her lonely days.

But when Lucas barges himself into her life, unafraid to speak his mind, Wynter’s quiet existence takes a sudden halt. Sharing the same passions, Lucas becomes the best friend Wynter never knew she needed.

Together, they can be themselves and have full certainty that their friendship is as timeless as the notes they play on the keyboard. A perfect harmony.

However, their once serene world makes an unexpected turn, without warning. Wynter finds herself facing a reality she never wanted, a stage she never sought.

Navigating each passing day with a cloud looming over her head and deep heartache was never part of the melody. But life doesn’t play by the music sheet and sometimes the spotlight isn’t a choice.

In this unpredictable symphony of life, the next note is always a heartbeat away.

Release Date

Whilst there’s no exact release date as of you, I’m aiming for an August launch. To stay up to date be sure to be following me on social media or subscribe to our newsletter.

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